get bent


Theme Song

Fight Music

BRAWN: +1,
RESOLVE: +1, +1
WITS: +3


Name: Koey
Age: 19
Height: 6’6"
Race/Species: Polar Bear
Job: Unemployed

[Full Reference In Progress.]

• Cynical and sarcastic to an almost caustic degree
• Intelligent but in a thinly-veiled annoyed manner
• Kind of difficult to be around unless you can stand assholery
• Morals are in the right place but he’s still a total dick
• Biggest secret is he’s giant nerd trash who watches anime and plays video games

Great Skills
Hidden Knowledge: +2 to Wits when a situation would arise requiring oddly relevant or nongeneric information specifically.
Brawler: +2 to Brawn when fighting using his fists or a blunt object

Good Skills
Musician: temporary +1 to Charm when playing guitar, as long as he doesn’t open his mouth
Bullshit Detector: +1 to Gumption when being given information in regards to whether he can detect any lies
Intimidation: +1 to Brawn or Resolve when needing to get someone to back down or obey him
Surprisingly Cultured: temporary +1 to Charm when the topic of music/movies/games comes up…until someone likes something he doesn’t, then -1 to Charm

Obstinate: -2 to Charm whenever trying to persuade someone or reason with someone
Skepticism: -1 to Gumption and/or Wits when confronted with something not naturally/scientifically provable/believable (read: supernatural/magic/paranormal/etc)

Travel Items:
• Military backpack with a few notebooks, a handful of CDs, two vinyl records, and a slightly beat-up laptop with a couple band stickers on it.
• A portable hard drive with hidden torrented anime and emulators
• Wallet with a small amount of cash in it, plus a debit card
• Music player plus solar-powered charger for it
• Guitar case with bass guitar in it. In very, very, almost alarmingly good condition.

• Hard rock, metal, prog rock, alternative, alt rock, classic rock, anything with guitars really
• Chinese/Mexican food, spicy food specifically
• Playing guitar
• Being right
• His guilty pleasure anime is Code Geass

• People in general but especially people who don’t agree with him
• Pop/boy band music
• People who are mean/harmful to children
• People who try to tell him what to do
• The fact that he’s actually pretty lonely most of the time (because he’s a dickhead)

• A few band t-shirts and one or two anime t-shirts that can be passed off as band t-shirts, a few spare pairs of cargo pants, an extra pair of glasses, an extra pair of sneakers and a pair of steel-toed boots if necessary