A quick wit and quicker lip.


His Theme Song

Action-mode theme

Fighting Music

Brawn : 2
Gumption: 2
Resolve: 0
Wits: 3
Charm/Personality: 2

Great Skills:

“Smoothtalker” – +2 to charm checks, only +1 if not smoking/no cigarettes

“Gunslinger” – +2 with Pistols, +1 with Full arm weapons (Rifles, Shotguns, etc.)

Good Skills:

“Deduction” – +1 to Wits checks, except with Magic or otherworldly items/events

“Reflexes” – +1 to Brawn checks when taken by surprise

“Nimble” – +1 to Climb checks

“Grit” – Temporary +1 to Resolve when 4hp is lost in one attack.


“Skittish” – -1 to Wits or Gumption in events/situations involving magic.

Special Weakness: “Hot-air Balloon” Coin flip when fabricating information. Fail if Heads, Pass if Tails.


A man with a past…

A well-dressed man from the city. He was hired by an anonymous benefactor which provided him with a ticket out of country and enough cash for smokes and booze. He took it, thinking this would be an easy case with no strings attached… He couldn’t have been more wrong.

He’s black cat with a feisty temper, though it takes a lot to draw his ire. He’s calm, collected, and makes himself easily understood. He’s not easily willing to make plans with anyone he doesn’t trust. He also seems to have ties with the underworld, and, to quote him “We ain’t talkin’ about demons and goofy shit like that.”

He’s a skeptic, and won’t believe what he might see right in front of him, but inversely, can be intensely superstitious, never wanting to be around or deal with Magic.

Age: 29

Job: Private Investigator